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Bradley Ross Jackson

Bradley Ross Jackson was born on March 16th and often refers to his birthday as “3:16”, as in St. John 3:16. Bradley is honored that God has blessed him exponentially as a motivational speaker, scholar and servant leader for the down-trodden, ostracized and the disenfranchised. Bradley became a life member of the NAACP the day he was born, possibly being one of the youngest youth members in the history of the organization.

Bradley is honored to serve as the first President of the Bloomington-Normal NAACP’s Youth Council and he is equally humbled to have been elected, in 2022, as the youngest President of the Illinois NAACP Youth and College Division. In July of 2022, at the National Convention, Bradley received the NAACP Mr. Medgar Evers’ Award and the NAACP’s Organizer of the Year Award. Bradley has attended every National Convention since the tender age of one!  Also in 2022, Bradley received local ACT-SO Gold Medals in Original Essay and Poetry Written Competitions. Bradley has devoted his entire life to advocating for racial and social justice and he uses his gift of oration to inspire, motivate and change the nation. Bradley was particularly honored to recite the “I Have A Dream” speech in the presence of Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. and Senator Dick Durbin.

Bradley is also a very active member of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated, and he has held a plethora of positions at the local and regional level. Bradley has won the Central Region’s 1st Place Oratorical Competition, the Outstanding Scholastic Competition and the Community Service Excellence Competition for three consecutive years. His creative writing can be found in a Chronicle published by Jack and Jill of America.

Bradley loves the stage and the microphone—and the stage and the microphone loves him right back.  He has performed in numerous plays such as “A Raisin In The Sun”, “High School Musical”, and “Willy Wonka.” Bradley’s phenomenal oratory skills have earned him many significant awards.  He has memorized and recited over 30 historical speeches and poems.  Additionally, Bradley drafts his own speeches and poems to inspire positive change. Bradley is honored to work with Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr.’s Operation PUSH Excel Oratorical Society. Bradley has earned over 50 first place awards and medals for his dynamic and awe-inspiring speaking abilities and skill-set.

The B.E. KIND Campaign was founded by Bradley and is designed to eliminate racism, bullying and discrimination throughout communities.  Bradley’s non-profit organization, “B”radley “E”ncourages KINDness has received service recognition from President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump—earning him a Gold Medal for community service.

Scholastically, Bradley attends Normal Community High School in Normal, Illinois  He is a member of the National Honor Society and proudly accepted his induction, as the only African American (at his school) to receive the recognition in the Spring of 2022.  Additionally, Bradley is the proud Vice-President of the Black Student Union, High School Student Union, and he serves as a mentor to incoming high school freshmen. Bradley was selected to serve on the Student Equity and Action Team (SEAT). Naturally, Bradley is a member of the high school Speech Team.  Bradley sports a fancy bowtie each and every day, as he “dresses like he prefers to be addressed!”

Bradley is honored to have close connections with his family members in Missouri, Illinois, California, Mississippi, Michigan, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia!  Bradley dedicates this award to his Uncle Demetrius Deaun Campbell who recently suffered a stroke, and to his Auntie Lisa Campbell who provides unwavering support.  Bradley honors his parents, Dr. Carla Campbell-Jackson and Mr. Kevin Jackson, and his wonderful Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends and even “play cousins!” Bradley “ROSS” is grateful to have been named after his beloved Grandmother “ROSA” (thanks Auntie Ann). Bradley is also blessed to be affiliated with several churches and Pastors in the Midwest. He is extremely grateful that the NAACP has acknowledged his works and efforts toward social and racial justice. Bradley is committed to remaining on the battlefield as he adheres to the mission and vision of his beloved NAACP!